During the republic period – 1910–1926 – the teaching responsibility was decentralised and organised by each city hall. The Government had to elaborate rules about school construction, such as some technical and hygiene issues, which foresaw electric light and sewers. The rules approved in 1917 foresaw other spaces besides classrooms: drawing classes, conference rooms, a canteen, a dressing room and a gymnasium. These rules favoured regional projects, so that local materials could be used on the construction. However, the Republic did not implement a consistent plan of construction and some of the buildings projected during this era were only finished during the Military Dictatorship – 1926–1933.

Nursery school João de Deus, in Coimbra

Primary school in Vila Nova de Outil, Cantanhede, 1917

First nursery school built by Oporto city hall, in Foz

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