In 1900, Adães Bermudes, a Portuguese architect, presented a project of a school in the World Exhibition in Paris and received the gold medal for it. His project was adopted by the Government and became known by the architect’s name. Some schools were built according to this project throughout the country.

Adães Bermudes, in Guarda

The schools had two or more classrooms with large windows, which were defined from the outside by a frame of bricks. The classrooms were divided into two wings separated by an upper central wing, which was the teachers’ house. The teacher would be reflected in all of this architectural art with dignity. The schools had a surrounding garden, usually with a fence.

Adães Bermudes central school, in Coimbra

Main façade of Adães Bermudes school, in Mateus, Vila Real. Information about the constructions of northern schools, 1973 ( Archive DGCE)


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